Virtual Walk - Sunday, November 8th

VGF – Scott Taylor – Taylor Construction / VAVALET


Raised this year


Registered walkers

The Taylor, VaValet, and Taylor Construction families have been supporting the JT Walk for many years because of the impact it and the VGF have on the local and national ALS communities. The JT Walk continues to raise a significant amount of funding to support ALS research through Doctors, Scientists, and Teachers. Through the years of research, there have been a number of ground breaking discoveries that may not have been possible without the VGF Walk and commitment to the Fight to STOMP out ALS. We will walk and support until our friends and families can enjoy life again without the encumbrances caused by ALS. Please have your family join ours (or any of the captain’s teams) as we continue to make an invaluable impact on those afflicted by this crippling and incurable disease.

Captain Participants Raised Join Donate
Scott Taylor 12 $30,900 Join Donate
Donors Amount
Taylor Construction $12,500
VA Valet $12,500
Divurgent $5,000
John Hilgers $250