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2023 Walk to Defeat ALS® Tidewater


Josh Thompson was a fun-loving surfer, husband and father of two sons when he was diagnosed with ALS. Josh was a fighter, so he began his courageous 13-year battle with the disease, inspiring thousands to join him to find a cure and assist other victims of ALS.

Through the annual JTWalk, Josh's friends and family achieved extraordinary results, donating millions to ALS research while also making Virginia Beach more accessible to wounded warriors and kids with disabilities.

Josh lost his battle with ALS on October 29, 2020. But his spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of thousands who will never stop walking for him.

Look How Far We’ve Come

For the past 13 years we have come together to support individuals and families in the fight against ALS and we have helped our community become a place where people with disabilities, including our wounded veterans, can experience a life without limits.

Our Accomplishments Have Been Remarkable

Raising over
$20 million dollars
Donating ambulances to our local Children’s Hospital
Building an oceanside park that’s accessible to everyone
Creating and developing a year-round camp for people of all ages with physical limitations

The JT Walk raised millions for important community projects like these!

Camp Grom

Outdoor adventures for disabled children and wounded veterans.

JT's Grommet Island

First-ever accessible beach park for disabled children

The Grombulance

Advanced mobile pediatric care for CHKD patients


Raised to fight ALS and Support Stem Cell Research