OCT 8, 2017
The Boardwalk at 31st Street
To Benefit ALS Research & JT's Camp Grom

Beth's Brigade

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At the JT Walk on October 9th, "Beth's Brigade," a group of colleagues, family and friends, will come together to walk in Beth Prever's honor as she battles ALS.

In one of life's cruel ironies, Beth - a major fundraising champion for the JT Walk - was herself diagnosed with ALS in April 2016. A most compassionate and determined person, our friend Beth has coordinated nearly 2,000 walkers and led the charge to raise more than $330,000 (plus $450,000+ in corporate donations) for the JT Walk since 2009, in her role overseeing marketing and community engagement programs for TowneBank.

In addition to her commitment to serving others, Beth has inspired many with her dedication to fitness, becoming a regular at CrossFit gyms and losing more than 100 pounds over the past few years. In August of 2015, she began experiencing issues with her speech, and after months of doctors visits, tests, speech therapy and even neck surgery, she received her ALS diagnosis in April of this year.

This news, although difficult to accept, has set Beth on a path to living her life to the fullest as she battles this terrible disease. She is completing her "Bucket List" and continues to inspire everyone around her as they love and support her on this journey.

Healthcare costs for an individual fighting ALS could reach as high as six figures annually, and through "Beth's Brigade," we hope to alleviate some of that financial burden. If Beth were tasked with this project, she could do it single handedly. For the rest of us, it takes an entire Brigade! Please join us as we support someone whose selflessness has impacted so many lives for the better. As a supporter, you may form a team, join one of the teams listed below or simply make a donation.

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